Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Coffee Time

Ok, I as a student has its pro's and cons.
Pro: I get to sleep until 1/2 hour before class, wake up and throw on whatever
Con: Exams

Pro: I don't have to worry about office politics
Con: Assignments

Pro: No one gets to bother me while I do my studying
Con: No income *sigh* you can see, its difficult to transition over from work to student. One thing I noticed that has no changed...was my love for coffee. Yeah there are a few things I enjoy in life and coffee seems to be my vice. Vice? Really? Maybe to my household of freakishly healthy roommates (who I know is probably shaking their heads in disapproval)...but coffee does have its benefits and like anything in not that bad for  you. Although having me less bitchy in the morning has its benefits too. Oh snap...

Bodum Chambord Coffee Press
So what has gotten me into coffee really? Well it first started when my cousin has recently gotten married and the wedding favour to us was a Vietnamese Drip Coffee maker with a package of Trung Nguyen's Coffee grinds. I had never used these coffee grinds before...nor have I used a drip coffee. So I brought it over to school with me and when I tried it...heaven. The coffee was amazing! There was such a smooth, full bodied flavour in the coffee and mixed with condensed milk, gave it the perfect flavour. I am inspired!

Now I'm starting to look at different ways to make coffee. I had always been one of this Timmies girls....who makes a pit stop at one of these places that sit on every corner block to pick up my...ready? Medium with 1 milk. It was the only way I could take it. I do not take coffee with sugar either. I have a sour cream glazed timbit instead :P
Now that I'm in school, coffee seems to be an expense to me. Not only that...there never seems to be good coffee around anywhere. Hell, if I wanted good coffee...I guess I will have to learn how to make it myself. things in life are homemade. Right? So I started looking into different ways of making coffee and coffee makers.

I had came across was a French Coffee Press. Specifically looking at the classic Bodum Chambord Coffee Press. It is quite an easy, popular and inexpensive way of making good coffee. I will further go into a coffee press on another day.

Hario Buono Kettle! So cute
As I was looking further into different ways of making coffee, I had stumbled across the "Japan's Pour-Over Coffee" article where James Freeman - Owner of Blue Bottle Coffee - and his wife designed a special pour-over along with a kettle with a narrow spout that focuses on the stream of water delivered to the pour-over coffee. The concept was simple, we are trying to deliver a certain amount of water to the coffee without flooding the filter. The downfall, it takes several minutes....waiting for your coffee to be ready.

I will admit, it is way easier to throw in a K-cup into your Keurig or Tassimo coffee maker and hit the button and go. Ever since I had coffee in a simple Vietnamese coffee drip, I'm starting to look at coffee in a different perspective. Why? Like wine, appreciation comes from drinking a lot of it. Most people in the morning, have a cup of Joe to get themselves jolted awake for work. I admit I am one of them sometimes. Although it might not be for me, I am curious to look into this new kettle for a new coffee experience.

Actually, I think the French Coffee Press will be my starter...and I'll move along with different types of roasts, trying grinds vs. beans and more. Basically drinking coffee will be my new hobby for the next few months. Hey it works out.

I got nothing on my hands but...time.

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