Thursday, 8 September 2011

Home Away from Home

It has been about 3 weeks since I started school and I`m starting to get a little bit more comfortable living in NY. Being a student again has forced me to change mentally, physically and even more importantly....change my dietary needs.

It`s quite interesting living here in the U.S. because people always say how suburban areas in the States do not have easy access to fresh produce. From what I have seen, the combination between the inability to get fresh produce along with a hefty price tag deters people away from possibly a healthier diet and lifestyle. I was at the local supermarket the other day and I saw Yellow & Orange bell peppers for $4.99/lb! Avocados were 2 for $3. Wow...with prices like this...I`d rather get the poptarts on sale for $10 for $10 dang....that stuff doesn't expire and can probably feed me breakfast for at least 20 days.

With an idea to food pricing, I think I have to spend a little more unfortunately...if I would like to eat healthier. As well, with the limited amount of time I have some seems that time is always a factor.

The first real dish I've made so far on my own was a Tuna Casserole. Seemed easy enough...sauteed the onions, add celery & carrots. Add cream of mushroom soup and then the pasta. Then put it in a casserole dish and for taste factor, added in an egg bread crust and baked it (for crunchiness effect). It worked well...the thyme went well with egg and bread. The only thing I'm missing was cheese! Cheese seems to be a staple for me but due to pricing. Sigh.

I went from homemade fresh food and rice to learning how to make food for myself for a week. I definitely took home for granted haha. I miss my mommy but for now...this will be my home away from home.

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