Saturday, 24 December 2011


It's a great time to reflect on everything that is important to us.

I've been down for the season due to a series of events...but it seems like today is the first day where I've fully picked myself up. Emotionally and physically. This is the time for family & friends. Let us be reminded of everything that we have. Be thankful and remind's a time for togetherness (and awesome boxing day TV sales!)

A home.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Time to Heal

These last few months of mine have been so hectic. A whirlwind of new experiences and so much to tell about. One thing I must divulge my love life. The most interesting thing that has happened to me in these last few months.

I met a wonderful man last year around this time. A heart broken man. Someone who needed healing. A friend. Who knew that a year of hanging out and we would date. Although time was never on our side of this relationship, we were both curious to see how this would all turn out. To be quite honest, nothing about this relationship going in was....conventional. How we met was through some mutual friends and foolish partying. Bad mistakes and drunken nights brought us closer. No we never slept together. We were supportively there for one another. We were both two people in need of some company...and that is how we found each other. We were two very hopeless people.

We didn't date normally either. Our first date was because our friend didn't make it due to an unexpected labor from a family member. Our first kiss was him kissing me in a club to throw off a girl (jeez). We just never did anything right from the start and that could very well be the reason why it will never work. My fairytale was never a fairytale to begin with. How was it supposed to end? We dated knowing that we had an expiration date. How? He was moving to Australia. Why? To discover life....

Now I am one to understand life. I understand we all have dreams and we all need to fulfill them whatever way we can. Why we do things and why we must do them in a certain way is all a mystery to me. Life itself is a very unexpected thing. As much as we plan, things never go the way we expect them to. I never knew I would date a man who was very well going to move away from me. Let alone...find out that he still had feelings for his ex girlfriend. Yes. Life is very unexpected.

I think what has really hit me was...I never cared for him as much before. When I realized I would be away from him, I did miss him. I guess my friends, my unconventional fairytale ends here. As I poured my heart out and let him know how I felt (which I stupidly...stupidly regret), I realized...I really suck at love. Yeah in a few days time I will get better...and each day passing will get better. So, what do I have to do? Just take this time to heal...for now. I never know what life will bring me next, but bring it. That's what I have to say.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Coffee Time

Ok, I as a student has its pro's and cons.
Pro: I get to sleep until 1/2 hour before class, wake up and throw on whatever
Con: Exams

Pro: I don't have to worry about office politics
Con: Assignments

Pro: No one gets to bother me while I do my studying
Con: No income *sigh* you can see, its difficult to transition over from work to student. One thing I noticed that has no changed...was my love for coffee. Yeah there are a few things I enjoy in life and coffee seems to be my vice. Vice? Really? Maybe to my household of freakishly healthy roommates (who I know is probably shaking their heads in disapproval)...but coffee does have its benefits and like anything in not that bad for  you. Although having me less bitchy in the morning has its benefits too. Oh snap...

Bodum Chambord Coffee Press
So what has gotten me into coffee really? Well it first started when my cousin has recently gotten married and the wedding favour to us was a Vietnamese Drip Coffee maker with a package of Trung Nguyen's Coffee grinds. I had never used these coffee grinds before...nor have I used a drip coffee. So I brought it over to school with me and when I tried it...heaven. The coffee was amazing! There was such a smooth, full bodied flavour in the coffee and mixed with condensed milk, gave it the perfect flavour. I am inspired!

Now I'm starting to look at different ways to make coffee. I had always been one of this Timmies girls....who makes a pit stop at one of these places that sit on every corner block to pick up my...ready? Medium with 1 milk. It was the only way I could take it. I do not take coffee with sugar either. I have a sour cream glazed timbit instead :P
Now that I'm in school, coffee seems to be an expense to me. Not only that...there never seems to be good coffee around anywhere. Hell, if I wanted good coffee...I guess I will have to learn how to make it myself. things in life are homemade. Right? So I started looking into different ways of making coffee and coffee makers.

I had came across was a French Coffee Press. Specifically looking at the classic Bodum Chambord Coffee Press. It is quite an easy, popular and inexpensive way of making good coffee. I will further go into a coffee press on another day.

Hario Buono Kettle! So cute
As I was looking further into different ways of making coffee, I had stumbled across the "Japan's Pour-Over Coffee" article where James Freeman - Owner of Blue Bottle Coffee - and his wife designed a special pour-over along with a kettle with a narrow spout that focuses on the stream of water delivered to the pour-over coffee. The concept was simple, we are trying to deliver a certain amount of water to the coffee without flooding the filter. The downfall, it takes several minutes....waiting for your coffee to be ready.

I will admit, it is way easier to throw in a K-cup into your Keurig or Tassimo coffee maker and hit the button and go. Ever since I had coffee in a simple Vietnamese coffee drip, I'm starting to look at coffee in a different perspective. Why? Like wine, appreciation comes from drinking a lot of it. Most people in the morning, have a cup of Joe to get themselves jolted awake for work. I admit I am one of them sometimes. Although it might not be for me, I am curious to look into this new kettle for a new coffee experience.

Actually, I think the French Coffee Press will be my starter...and I'll move along with different types of roasts, trying grinds vs. beans and more. Basically drinking coffee will be my new hobby for the next few months. Hey it works out.

I got nothing on my hands but...time.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lemon Poppyseed Sour Cream Cake

School doesn't allow me to make such wonderful creations I'm so busy with my hectic schedule.
This weekend, I had such a itch to make something out of my wonderful cake book I had purchased.

One thing I love about Rose's Heavenly Cake by Rose Levy Beranbaum is the measurements she uses. Baking is such a precise science and it is all about quality of certain ingredients, putting certain liquids and dry ingredients together in a way to form a reaction and baking them at a certain temperature. It is probably the only kind of chemistry I would never fail. Actually I lied, I've had my share of burnt cookies in my lifetime....

This was my first recipe and will probably not be my last either from this book. Her steps are very detailed and reading her book explained why baking requires certain things...and why substitution for certain ingredients is a definite no no. One recipe that looked fun and easy to do was the Lemon Poppyseed Sour Cream cake. Glazed with a lemon sugar syrup, this beautifully easy cake was complimented with a side of whipped cream and some fresh strawberries. It was light and fluffy and will be a hit every time.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Home Away from Home

It has been about 3 weeks since I started school and I`m starting to get a little bit more comfortable living in NY. Being a student again has forced me to change mentally, physically and even more importantly....change my dietary needs.

It`s quite interesting living here in the U.S. because people always say how suburban areas in the States do not have easy access to fresh produce. From what I have seen, the combination between the inability to get fresh produce along with a hefty price tag deters people away from possibly a healthier diet and lifestyle. I was at the local supermarket the other day and I saw Yellow & Orange bell peppers for $4.99/lb! Avocados were 2 for $3. Wow...with prices like this...I`d rather get the poptarts on sale for $10 for $10 dang....that stuff doesn't expire and can probably feed me breakfast for at least 20 days.

With an idea to food pricing, I think I have to spend a little more unfortunately...if I would like to eat healthier. As well, with the limited amount of time I have some seems that time is always a factor.

The first real dish I've made so far on my own was a Tuna Casserole. Seemed easy enough...sauteed the onions, add celery & carrots. Add cream of mushroom soup and then the pasta. Then put it in a casserole dish and for taste factor, added in an egg bread crust and baked it (for crunchiness effect). It worked well...the thyme went well with egg and bread. The only thing I'm missing was cheese! Cheese seems to be a staple for me but due to pricing. Sigh.

I went from homemade fresh food and rice to learning how to make food for myself for a week. I definitely took home for granted haha. I miss my mommy but for now...this will be my home away from home.

Monday, 1 August 2011


Do you remember as a teenager, your everyday life consisted of:
  • Going to school
  • Doing an after school activity
  • Going home for dinner
  • Doing homework (or video games) until bedtime
  • Bed
Repeat x 5

Do you also remember telling yourself "There must be more to life than this" and you wait for something REMOTELY exciting to happen to your life. Whether it was a social gathering. Going away for the weekend. Going food shopping with your mom (Hey! No judging!). Just plain anything.

Then you complain to your parents/siblings/cousins/aunts/uncle how bored you were, hoping something will happen to your life. All they will say to you was "The older you get, the faster time flies by in your life. Just enjoy yourself for now."

Did you understand what that meant? I didn't....until this year.I've had so much experience this summer, that it has shaped me in so many ways. Work, love, life, friends and family.

Work has taught me about work and life balance and how I should learn to schedule things for myself.
Love has come and gone in my life and I realize it is something that requires patience and time.
Life has taught me....well it is too short and that I need to make the most of it.
Friends have taught me how to live my life and that it fills my world that much more.
Family has taught always make time for them.
All these things have changed for me as I get older and will continue to change. In my 20's, I've realized how much I've grown as a person and understand I will continue to change. I am no longer a young child who is waiting for time to pass me by for life to begin.

Life has begun. Life is what I make of it and it will continue to be like this for the rest of my life. What I plan on doing with it and the decisions I make will shape me. It seemed that I use to wait for time to pass by but nowadays I want it to slow down. There are some things in life you want to take back...but time is something that no amount of money can buy.

Time is of the essence....tick...tock...